Saturday, 21 May 2016

Liebster Award

My goodness! The ever-lovely and very gracious Emily over at The Flapper Dame has nominated me for a Liebster Award!

The Flapper Dame is an amazing blog that you should all go visit. She's always up for a good blogathon, and if you're a Grace Kelly fan, or you like historical dramas, it is the place to be.

Speaking of, I'm going to do a double promotion here and let you all know that The Flapper Dame is hosting a Royalty on Film blogathon this summer, which I'll be participating in with a couple of looks at Cleopatra movies. It's going to be a great event, and there's still time to sign up and do something for The Slipper and the Rose or The Son of the Shiek or any number of unclaimed Disney favourites.

So, onto business. What, exactly, is a Liebster Award and how is it won?

In my mini-quest to find out the history of this award and some kind of directory to help me locate prior winners, I found out... not a lot. It's an award created by bloggers for bloggers to widen the community and encourage the audiences of smaller blogs to grow. You answer 11 questions, cite 10 facts about yourself that your readers might not know, and pass on the award to 3-11 other blogs along with 11 new questions for them to answer. (Also, if you get a Liebster Award and wish to decline, that's completely fine and nobody'll think poorly of you or anything, it's just supposed to be fun.)

Time to answer some questions!

Q: Who is your favorite director?

A: Ah... uh-oh... I'm about to get in trouble right out of the gate. My favourite director is Steven Spielberg, and he's hardly in the classic cannon. Also, favourite doesn't mean "unequivocal best who gave the most to the world of cinema" it just means favourite, as in "routinely produces results you personally find enjoyable." Of course, I deeply admire Hitchcock and Kurasawa and Fellini, but of the classic directors I'm going to have to go more popular than artistic and pick Howard Hawks. The shouting at me may now commence. 

Q: What actor/actress or film is the biggest Oscar snub?

A: Did you know that Alfred Hitchcock never won an Academy Award for directing? Not even for a more restrained effort like Rebecca, or something truly staggering in its innovation like Rope. I know I just personally snubbed him for Howard Hawks, but you'd think the establishment would know better. But that doesn't answer the question, which specifically asks for actor, actress, or film. I'm going to go with Bette Davis in 1938's Of Human Bondage – the original Queen B wasn't even nominated! Wasn't even nominated!

Q: Favorite "blonde" actress?

A: Marilyn Monroe. She grew up tough like I did, and when I read her in old interviews it pulls at my heart. Also, she's tremendously good in Bus Stop and Niagara and Don't Bother to Knock.

I'm a sucker for bombshells, truth be told. I really like Diana Dors because she pushed through and got what she wanted out of her career in the end, and Mae West just owned the hell out of that identity. All blondes get respect out of me. I'm a dark brunette, and I have a suspicion that being blonde gets you a lot of extra crap in life and the movies.

If we're talking Hitchcock blondes, though, I'm in the minority because I think Kim Novak was the best thing ever in Vertigo.

Q: Which actor/actress do you consider overrated?

A: Dangerous question! I don't know. I tried to come up with somebody, and I just keep thinking of glimmers of interest, or specific performances that worked for me, and I just don't have an answer. I think a lot of press can be a bad thing, and talented or likable actors are always in danger of over-exposure. I'm going to have to say that I don't consider people overrated, but I sometimes consider the press machine to be stuck on repeat for too long.

Q: What movie do you hate that everyone loves?

A: Pretty Woman. I just... do people not see how horrible the Richard Gere character is in that thing? Am I missing an important element of the story where it's somehow supposed to be good that they end up together? Take the money and run, Vivian. You do not need that guy.

It must be said, though, Julia Roberts looks fantastic in that brown polka dot dress during the polo match. And I like the parts with Ralph Bellamy. Something good in everything, I guess.

Q: Which classic film star would you marry- if given the chance?

A: I don't know about marriage, but I certainly wouldn't mind shacking up with a young Gregory Peck for a few years...

Q: What time period would you travel back to, if given the chance?

A: I think I'd like to hit up the 1970's. See Jaws in theaters, watch Fantasy Island and ruin the endings for people, complain about the fashion but really enjoy the cane-sugar sodas, and witness the life-cycles of the Howard Johnsons like it was some kind of majestic and poignant reflection on the 20th century.

I also might go back to 2001 and get one of those chicken caesar pitas that Wendy's used to have. Anybody else remember those? I loved them when I was a kid. So mad when they got discontinued. So mad.

(Those are both seriously terrible answers. My god, don't give me a time machine. I will waste the opportunity.)

Q: Who was your first on-screen crush?

A: I can't remember, but there's a good chance it was Indiana Jones.

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

A: I have to do some narrowing down here, or I'll explode like a malfunctioning robot told to define love. My favourite TV show made in the last five years is Hannibal – yet I do not recommend it for everyone  and I also got into season one of Daredevil (season two, not so much). I really, really like Brooklyn 99 and Bob's Burgers for some good chuckles.

I'm also big into Call the Midwife, though not thrilled with a couple recent arcs, and I make time to watch Grantchester and Endeavour

My favourite classic TV shows are significantly harder to figure out. I just tried to come up with a top five, and I wound up with a list of eighteen, so it's like that. But that's kind of why this blog exists.

Q: What fictional character would you like to spend a day with?

A: Holly Golightly. There was a girl who knew how to spend a day!

I also wouldn't mind hanging out with Endora from Bewitched, seeing some casual magic in action. Or Perry Mason on a trail day. That could be fun. Oh, you know what would be hilarious? Chilling with Sally and Buddy and Rob on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Q: In a world full of "crass" how do you strive to be "class"?

A: I do a lot of things that are probably contributing to the decay of modern society. I go see superhero movies in theaters, I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians sometimes, I wear t-shirts to weddings, and I laugh really loudly in public.

I think what makes someone crass, though, is not caring about others. I see superhero movies in theaters, but I champion film and television history through my blog and through my purchases. I wear t-shirts to weddings, but they're solid pastel ones paired with colourful blazers and statement necklaces. I don't laugh loudly when there are sleeping babies nearby, or somebody is clearly on a business call. (There's no excuse for the Kardashian thing.)

Trying to be considerate towards others, that's how I strive to keep things classy.

Oh! Also, I always use coasters!

Now, onto the ten facts about me, which is the part of this process I like the least.

1. My favourite beverage is lemonade.

2. I restore and refinish furniture for a living, and spring/summer is my busiest season because of all the yard sales.

3. My favourite novelist is Raymond Chandler, but my favourite novel is The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle.

4. Despite having a huge collection of Doc Savage memorabilia in my bedroom bookcase, I remain mysteriously single.

5. My family celebrates Shark Week. Like, there are parties and traditions and everything. My job is to host the final night, where everyone comes over to watch Jaws on the backyard projector and I have to decorate and make appropriate food. I have done this every year since I was eighteen. (So, eight years this year, which makes me feel like a crumbling mummy.) It's insanely fun. Relatives seriously fly in for Shark Week.

6. I used to make money as a fortune teller at a tea house.

7. I can't eat chocolate because I suffer from chronic migraines.

8. The only stand-up comic I've ever seen live is Bob Newhart.

9. I live in the actual Canadian wilderness and have to weigh down the tops of my garbage cans on garbage day so that bears don't get all in 'em.

10. I can talk like Kermit the Frog but not Miss Piggy.

Nominations time! Now, here's the trouble: I'm new to the blogosphere, having only been a blogger for four months, and sucking terribly at online communities even at the best of times. I'm supposed to pick blogs that could use more exposure, but I do not know which ones those are, and I'd hate to be rude and nominate people who feel like they're doing just fine, you know? These are the kinds of social faux pas that keep me awake at night.

So, we're going to do something a little bit different. I'm going to post the eleven questions, and if you want to answer them and promote your blog, that's perfect! Just link back to me as your nominee, and leave a comment here linking to your blog so that other readers can find you!

1. What films or TV shows have made the biggest impact on you?

2. Is there anything you'd like to see remade? Why or why not?

3. What's your favourite TV theme song?

4. What do you watch when you're feeling blue?

5. Who's your favourite character actor/actress?

6. Has blogging changed how you watch films or shows?

7. Bob Hope or Bing Crosby?

8. Of all the films you've seen, which one had the worst ending? 

9. Favourite film, series, or episode set in Hawaii?

10. Most underrated Halloween classic?

11. What movie or TV series do you love that doesn't get as much attention as it should?

Thanks again to The Flapper Dame for some great questions and sending the love this way!


  1. Aww this is so sweet! I love how you made your own rules with the noms- yes the award can be very chain linking- but doing it once or twice isn't too bad! I wanna thank you for the promotion of both my blog and blogathon! I'm so glad to have you as a fellow blogger friend! -Emily!

    1. It's lots of fun and I enjoyed your questions so much! And I'm happy to promote your stuff, because I like it!

      I don't mind pay-it-forward stuff at all, but I always feel out of depth when it's my turn to pick who goes next. Like, when I played duck duck goose, I always panicked and never picked a goose. I can't handle the pressure.

  2. Hi, would love to invite you to my blogathon on Dallas stars- please note you dont need to have watched it!

    1. Oh, I've seen Dallas. I've seen A LOT of Dallas. ;) I'll head over and sign up!